About Us

Green, Silverstein & Groff, LLC was founded in 2009 by Mike Green, Joe Silverstein and Josh Groff. The core of our firm’s philosophy is to provide personal, professional and practical service to both its individual and its corporate clients. With offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Green, Silverstein & Groff counsels clients on a broad array of subjects, from commercial disputes to employment issues to insurance coverage to personal injury matters.

The firm is committed to delivering the highest quality legal and support services to its clients in a professional, effective and cost-efficient manner. We work with our clients to develop aggressive, innovative, and prudent strategies at competitive rates. We take pride in understanding our clients’ objectives so that the work we do is tailored to their requirements and needs. And, as a small firm, words that seem cliche when it comes to selecting a lawyer - "accessible", "trustworthy" and "personable" are the standard.

Legal fees are a significant part of the client experience. Green, Silverstein & Groff has adopted a flexible billing policy to bridge the gap between traditional law firm billing and what works for each client. While the billable hour is the way that most law firms bill their corporate clients, we don't believe it is the only way. While some clients choose to be billed hourly, many of our matters are done for a fixed fee or a blended fee arrangement. We also have a number of corporate clients that pay an annual flat fee for the firm to represent them as their corporate general counsel.

We know that our clients come to us because they need assistance. We take that responsibility seriously and work hard to help our clients obtain their desired results.

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